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Hello Everyone and happy fall! The leaves are turning and the trees are preparing for their long winter’s nap. They are resilient. Their trunks and branches weather storms, frost and ice, only to bring new life the following year. Human beings have a hardiness too. We adapt, change, flex, and find new ways of living through tough times. )
In recent months we have all found new ways of living, some finding themselves with solutions to more hardships than others, some not finding much in the way of answers, and a few experiencing really not much hardship at all.
The key to a successful life, they used to say, is job security, but things have changed. Nowadays, the key to abundance is having many streams of income. If one fails, you still have the others, and your well never runs dry.
This is exactly why I decided to learn about no-hassle real estate investing. While you’re working your main gig, preparing for retirement, need to put kids through post-secondary, build your dream home, take that one large item off your bucket list, or simply be prepared for a rainy day, that money just keeps flowing in.
Here is my story:
The youngster of a coalminer’s daughter and a weapon’s technician in the Canadian Forces, I grew up as an army brat in Canada after being born abroad near an army base in Germany. I was a quiet, kind, observant, inquisitive, and adventurous kid, always wanting to explore my newest surroundings and possibilities at every move to a new town.
My very first jobs were as a chambermaid at two motels in Kingston, Ontario. These ones. The Executive Motel is now a Super 8, and the P.G., a condo.
This work made me dependent on someone else’s schedule, was hot and sweaty, thankless, gruelling, and was the result of an incredible epiphany! I was fourteen and I was seated in the passenger seat of my Mother’s car. It’s still as clear as day. I realized I was not employee material. I couldn’t give up the better part of my life to make someone else’s business flourish. It didn’t make sense. I remember knowing I was meant to be a real estate investor/business owner. I don’t know how. I just knew. It wasn’t until years later that my Mother introduced me to this book……
……and the rest in the series. I was hooked. From there I picked up other personal finance and investing books. I received a invitation in the mail (and so did my Mother) to join a seminar in Kingston put on by Rich Dad Poor Dad about real estate investing. We attended. I won my very first Cashflow Game and signed up for a couple of courses that were to be held in Toronto. I’ve never looked back. I have spent the last ten years taking real estate investing courses, networking with the best, making incredible friends in the industry, meeting many highly experienced mentors, and giving back to others. Many fun nights are spent sitting around the Cashflow game playing the game of investing with other seasoned pros.
In the next few years I will be continuing my journey of buying homes to convert into duplexes and helping friends and family get a financial boost for that special trip, their kids’ education, to give to their favourite charity, or enjoy early (or better) retirement without them having to do any of the work. There is always a reason why we all could use a little more. We all have a “why” that is usually tied to our lifestyle. If you’d like to know more about my role, send me an email and ask me. Answer this question in your letter, “what is your why?”

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Is a Great Investment

Real estate is a great investment for many reasons. You can enjoy an excellent rate of returns, amazing tax advantages and leverage real estate to build your wealth. Here are the top five reasons why real estate is a great investment.

Real estate provides better returns than the stock market without as much volatility.

Historically in real estate, your risk of loss is minimized by the length of time you hold on to your property. When the market improves, so does the value of your home, and as a result, you build equity. The risk never changes in the stock market and there are numerous factors beyond your control that can negatively impact your investment. Real estate gives you more control of your investment because your property is a tangible asset that you can leverage to capitalize on numerous revenue streams, while enjoying capital appreciation.

Source: https://tinyurl.com/yymfb54b


About Suzanne Reid:

Suzanne Reid is a real estate investor. She’s been actively involved in the Kingston and surrounding area real estate investing for a number of years. Her mission is to provide quality housing for quality tenants, while at the same time providing an above-average return on investment (R.O.I) for our investor partners and ourselves. It is truly a win-win-win way of investing!

Suzanne offers her investor partners hands-free investment opportunities. If you are interested to learn how to earn an above-average return on your investment, backed by a solid asset, and without a hassle of being a landlord, please contact Suzanne.

For more information about Suzanne and her investment program, please call 613-532-1968 or visit  https://suzannereid.ca/